Thursday, October 19, 2023

Update 10/17

 It has been 7 weeks since the accident and we are so thankful for the amazing progress in Kaden’s healing. 

Last Friday, Kaden saw the hand-specializing orthopedic surgeon and the leg-specializing orthopedic surgeon, and both were pleased with the progress. He has no casts on his arms and he’s allowed to put weight on his arms as he is comfortable. So he is able to use crutches for short bits of time when his arms can handle the weight. The leg surgeon said that on November 1 he can start attempting to walk without crutches for very short stints. He also said that it appears that there might be a tear or some damage to one of the ligaments in his knee that may require surgery and referred him to get an MRI. But other than that all the bones from the femur down to the toes that were broken look like they are healing well. Praise the Lord!

Kaden is faithful in doing all the stretches and such that he’s been given so far. He is ready to be better and be able to move about more freely. He’s been working on his car a bit - physical therapy for his hands and wrists. We try to go somewhere everyday - for a walk or drive or run an errand, just to not feel too cooped up. (: 

Please pray for the upcoming MRI to show any issues that need to be dealt with. Also that insurance would authorize all that’s needed quickly - physical therapy, etc. Finally, pray that as Kaden is more able to do things, he doesn’t overdo it! We so appreciate all the prayers that have brought him this far! Thank you for your kindness to us and to Kaden during this time!

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