Friday, September 29, 2023

Update, Friday 9/29

Kaden is doing well. He is at the point where he is feeling well and not taking any pain meds (woohoo!) and just having to be patient, waiting for his body to heal. He’s doing some physical therapy, but the doctor hasn’t ordered any vigorous PT yet. We are allowing the body to heal.

Today, we adjusted his leg brace to allow him to bend up to 90°. It took two weeks to get from 30° to 60°, so it will take time to get to 90°, but he is motivated. He is faithful and doing the minimal PT exercises of lifting his leg off the couch, bending his leg, activating/flexing some muscles that aren’t being used, and lifting his leg forward backward and sideways while standing. All of these exercises may not sound like much, but they are done through much effort. He does see the progress, so that’s an encouragement. 

Kaden is now able to do several “normal” things around the house that he could not do for the past month. Some I won’t share, but I will say he has figured out how to get his own bowl of cereal - including getting a bowl, getting cereal, getting milk, pouring cereal into the bowl, pouring milk into the bowl, getting a spoon, installing his foam grip, eating the cereal, and taking his dish to the sink. (Most of us never consider all those steps.) Also, today Kaden helped me load the dishwasher (slowly) but he feels good about being able to help out around the house.

Thank you for your support, encouragement, and prayers. We know that the Lord is at work and we constantly give thanks for the bits of physical progress we see as well as the mental and spiritual parts that we may or may not always recognize. 

Prayer requests: 1. continued healing, movement, encouragement & growth, 2. ability to do more simple tasks despite having 3 limbs immobilized, 3. creativity in incremental steps (for example, normally, you would lightly increase weight-bearing on the leg, but the way you increase the weight slowly is by using crutches which uses your hands, and since Kaden cannot bear weight on his hands, we need ro be creative.)

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