Sunday, November 19, 2017

Where we are now

This is the fantastic house the Lord has provided. It is located on the fabulous Tango Avenue where many amazing families live! In front of the house is a wonderful new car that the Lord has provided. And in front of that is the new adventure of having a new driver in the family. (:

So many new things happening that we are grateful for and yet we are also so thankful for the old parts of our life (pre-trip) we were able to jump back into!

After we hit our 48th state capital, meeting one major goal for the trip, our car decided it had had enough. (Honestly after over 43,000 miles in 13 months, I can't blame it!!!) But, as you can see, it is parked in front of our new home. And you may see us driving around town in it, but don't let that fool you, the car is really done for. It has actually made its expectations clear to us. "Do not ask me to pull a heavy load! And do not drive me over a really high mountain pass! Stick to those two rules and I will be good to you!"

I'm hoping by the end of the year, to finish the last part of our trip on this blog. But for now, we are happy that (although we limped home) we got here. And when we got here, although it was challenging to put life back together and acquire all the things we had sold and make a new house in Anaheim our home, we are almost there. God has provided in amazing ways and we are so blessed that we had the opportunity to take the trip in the first place and then experience his blessing not only all year long but even now as we reestablish ourselves in Southern California.

The Lord has blessed us with a home, beds, a couch, a needed car, new friends, new work (for the boys) and new clients (for scott), etc. These things all came kinda the "regular" way. But he has also blessed us with a HOUSE with a washer and dryer, amazing neighbors, bookshelves, tables, desks, dressers, even a piano, and more and all these were by irregular even "miraculous" ways and it has been so fun to have nothing so that we could be overwhelmed by His goodness as he bestowed so many amazing gifts upon us!