Saturday, March 28, 2009

happy birthday to me!

it's my 31st birthday...

and going along with my theme of then & now, here is a then photo we'll call "31 months"!

how sweet!

for my birthday, the family planned a trip to get some fixings for my bike. then we biked to seal beach and had dinner at ruby's on the pier! it was super fun. i had some great moments with kik, encouraging him as we rode. little ky, riding in the trailer, sang her heart out to encourage him to and also to keep sy from crying. it was a really great birthday! i have a really great husband & kids! i am so blessed!

Monday, March 23, 2009

happy birthday ky!

here's 4 months and here's 4 years!

our little girl is 4 and already she is acting older. it's like something inside her says i'm 4 and 4 year olds are big girls. big girls do this or big girls don't do that. - very interesting.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

happy birthday jojo!!!

i can't believe my oldest is 7 today!!!

just for fun...

this is our earliest digital pic.

at 1 year old, (or 16mos) and... at 7 years old

Sunday, March 1, 2009

soccer and homemade pizza!

spring soccer is here! only jojo (#11) gets to play, but since we coach and there was an extra uniform, kik wears the uniform to practice and practices with the team. he's had a great attitude too about not playing on game days.

HOMEMADE PIZZA (and healthy green smoothies - with kale!)
our friends from parkday invited us over to create pizzas from scratch - from grinding your own wheat to the yummy finished product! it was a blast. i feel empowered... we'll see what comes of it.

SWR - spell to write and read

things have been going so smoothly that i felt it would be a good time to add to our lesson load. so we're going to begin studying spelling.
SWR is the curriculum i've chosen to begin this adventure. to teach most subjects, i need to brush up on my skills, and this is no exception. in fact, i've been going through the books myself and learning many new things. after learning a few other languages, i have said that english makes no sense. but SWR proves me wrong. i haven't memorized it all, but this method involves teaching 70 sounds used in the english language and 29 spelling rules with which my children should be able to spell 97% of all english words.
i'll let you know in 4-6 years if it's worked!
i am excited about getting started. SWR really appeals to me because it's not just memorizing words, but the rules behind it. i love when things are logical and language arts have never been logical to me. this may open new doors for me to enjoy english! i'm really building it up. hope i'm not expecting too much!
to get started, i have to DO what i'll ask of the kids. so i'm making my own notebook of spelling words and rules. we'll be using flash cards to memorize the phonograms (sounds) and the rules. and we'll fill in some charts together that classify words into phonogram and rule categories.
as i'm writing this it sounds even less intimidating than i originally thought.
over a year ago i started the boys on cursive writing. i thought that it would be good to get them used to practicing daily so that they may eventually have nice handwriting (unlike most boys i know). they have come a long way! we're currently working on shrinking the writing from the big "learning your letters" size to a more regular size.
the first step of SWR is to teach them to write. so we're already doing great. next we'll begin with consonants and vowels and learning "sounds" that aren't just single letters (like th or er). all the while they will begin their first spelling list (which sounds like a more traditional spelling program that i'm used to - so i'm looking forward to that).
because they can already read i was to give them a pre-test and they performed well. i was pretty surprised because i truly have taught no "spelling". most of their errors were consistent between them and it was obvious what they were thinking. for example, they spelled "all", "o-l" and they spelled "suffer", "suffr". so i am pleased that they know some good things and i'm hoping that it's easy to convert from what they know to real spelling.
looking forward to tomorrow! :)