Thursday, March 31, 2011

horsey class

For Ky's birthday, we signed up for a farm life class - including horseback riding. we were able to learn about alpacas, goats, chickens, ducks, pigs, and horses! so exciting for her.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

lake tahoe & reno

we traveled to nevada for the weekend.
slot machines at the grocery store - how can that be normal???
anyway. we had fun traveling up through central california, stopping at a science center along the way - it's tradition!
we had the place all to ourselves for 2 hours.
we didn't check the road conditions before leaving - it's the end of march, what could possibly happen?
apparently, snow can happen - and it did! the pass to get across to tahoe/reno had been closed twice on Friday (when we drove up), but it was open for us, only in the direction we were traveling, and only with chains! so we put chains on the van, helped a bus driver put chains on his bus (wow) and made it to tahoe!
we spent a visit with uncle paul & aunt ann - long overdue too, since they've been inviting us for 10 years now! it was a short visit, and the boys spent most of it shoveling snow. but somehow it was long enough for sy to crack his forehead open and get a couple stitches! :) once that was taken care of, we headed over to carson city and dayton. after looking around a bit we headed up to reno to visit friends.
we were able to attend church on Sunday with friends from long ago - families from my church growing up who i had visited when they were missionaries in south america who have now started this church outside reno! it was such a treat to see them and hug them!
after church, we went to the smith's home for lunch. we had been in a small group with bryan & laura for several years when we were first married. our kids played with their kids, we chatted and caught up on where life has taken/is taking us. it was a blessed time of fellowship. (we were having so much fun, i forgot to take pictures!:()
finally we had to say goodbye so that we could make it home in time for soccer practice on monday afternoon!
we drove from their home in nevada to stockton, ca - so that we could make some purchases at "the Bronco store" the next morning. we spent the night at the local la quinta (our kids think fondly of LQ now.)
in the morning, we spent some time studying broncos and were on our way home. another tradition: photos at the windmill in santa nella.
another fun trip!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Friday, March 4, 2011


i have a 9 year old!!!
we praise God for the gift of this sweet boy and celebrate his life today!
as always, it began with birthday pancakes.
then, jojo wanted to go to the local science center and as a birthday treat we did the dino-dig. super fun day!
followed by dinner at claim jumper - he's 9 now, he can handle it!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

ice skating & impromptu party

so fun to ice skate when all 4 kids are skating independently!
after skating, our friends the deas grabbed a bite to eat. we got hats in honor of jojo's birthday tomorrow.