Tuesday, April 21, 2009

beach day!

we ventured to the beach - our 4hr "spring break".

we went to long beach off claremont & ocean. there were a few others there, the weather was hot, the water was warm, the bathrooms were clean! it was a wonderful day!

we tried to dig a hole in the intertidal zone and we learned about how lakes feed rivers that feed oceans (we watched the water use the pathway of least resistance to get back to the ocean). that was a fun experiment.

we used the same hole to talk about erosion and dredging - explaining a video we watched about the panama canal. (they started digging - in the early 1900's - and have NEVER stopped because of the erosion that they constantly battle) - interesting story

and we also caught about 50 ladybugs and 7 hermit crabs. we brought the hermit crabs home - exchanging them for the 5 fish we released :)

sy is a crazy boy. NO FEAR! he was in the water past his waist & he'd be losing his balance and hold my hand for a moment then let go again - until the next wave came. and there was no staying on the beach for him. he was in the water the whole time!

everyone had a blast! hooray! i love summertime! (in april)

fabulous fords forever 2009

tons of broncos to look at on our annual adventure to knott's berry farm for fabulous fords forever. we've gone every year since 2003. some guys we didn't know recognized us from 2 years ago when i was pregnant with sy. they said, "wow. he's so big already!" (kinda weird.)

Sunday, April 12, 2009


we celebrated the resurrection and our hope in Jesus today. first at a church service in brea, then at home. grandpa & cousin ray came over to eat & hunt eggs with us. we got the cooking going and set to the egg hunt. the kids got to open eggs as we read benjamin's box (an easter story that goes along with the resurrection eggs.) it was enjoyable for all.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

paper weaving

we made placemats for our Easter dinner by weaving paper. The boys had fun and were excited about the creations they made. They were simple for them, but turned out looking really nice. Hooray for paper weaving! i've got a few more projects in mind before we move on to something else.

God provided adventures in anaheim

this week the cousins (al & em) are on spring break. they dropped by on their way to AZ to spend a couple days with us. the 2 eldest went to the la brea tar pits (the the tar tar pits???) with grandma on saturday. then on sunday we attended our "regular" church service (as regular as it can be when my husband plays drums at several churches :). in any case, we'd packed a lunch and were prepared to go to adventure city right after the service. cousin al had requested this "adventure" and wanted grandma to take all 6 grandkids (and she said i could come along to "help out" if grandma needed me:)

during the service greeting time, a man came up and asked us if we'd like tickets to adventure city. al was so cute with her mouth hanging open in shock! she just looked at him in amazement. he gave us 9 tickets. when he walked away i asked her if God just gave us tickets to adventure city and she gave me an emphatic/amazed "ya!" (what a blessing to see God provide for her own idea and plan!)
so we went to adventure city and here are some fun photos.