Thursday, December 14, 2017

CHRISTmas card

Photo: June 2017, Rocky Mountain National Park

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

CHRISTmas Letter 2017

Merry CHRISTmas from the Grubb family!

This has been quite a year! The end of our amazing around-the-country extravaganza and the beginning of life in a new home in a different part of town with new neighbors, new jobs, new soccer teams, and new homeschool communities. For all of it we are so thankful to the Lord, our Hope and our Deliverer. 

We have had countless opportunities to trust Him and choose to follow Him. We are so thankful that we know our Creator who loves us and wants what is best for us. We are so thankful that although we don't always know what tomorrow may bring, He does know. And whether it's good or bad, our ultimate hope and security is not found in what comes tomorrow, but in the death, life and resurrection of our Savior whose birth and life we celebrate this month!

This world can be scary and confusing. We have had so many opportunities to see crazy things and amazing things this past year. Through it all we rejoice in knowing Who is on the throne and Who ultimately wins. 

Since we've been back in SoCal, we've rented a home in Anaheim. It perfectly suits our needs and is located across the street from our amazing friends who hosted us every time we were in town this past year! We are so blessed to be on this street! We recently put grass in the backyard with Scott's parents' help over the Thanksgiving week doubling our living space!

We've reestablished many old friendships and made lots of new friends in our neighborhood and on Jo's new soccer team and at Ky's new "school" where I, Tara, am tutoring. I am at the same level I tutored before we left - helping students transition from elementary to the junior high years. I had the privilege of tutoring this level with Jo and Kik and now I have Ky in my class!

The older boys have taken up new positions on the soccer fields as referees, so that's a new and fun work environment. They are learning to find the balance in respecting their elders and being the authority on the field that reminds the elders to behave. (:

All the boys have taken up instruments since we've been home and the olders are playing for the youth worship team.

Ky has found a friend in a backyard corral less than a mile from our home. Cowboy is a gentle horse that Ky enjoys visiting everyday.  She is loving all the hands-on horse experience. And Jo is a blessing to the older couple who owns the horse as he mucks the stalls every weekday. "The Ranch" has become a favorite place for all the children. They all get to work and play and it is a blessing to both the older couple and our family. This was another amazing and unexpected gift from the Lord!

Truly, I could not write all the blessings we've experienced this year or this post would go on forever! We are so blessed and thankful! Merry CHRISTmas and may you know our joy of knowing Jesus!