Friday, January 15, 2010

happy new year... late

for the holidays, we traveled to Arizona. our whirlwind tour included, the grandparents' house in phoenix, roller skating (the kids' first time), motorhoming, the grand canyon (and many sites along the way), snow play, cracker barrel, scott's birthday, a children's museum, mission san xavier, a wedding in tucson, cave explorations, hiking, waffle house, celebrating the new year, and bowling. did i miss anything? it was only an 11 day trip!

fun facts:

  • we left our home at 11:30pm and dropped off gifts on our way out of town. thankfully, the grandparents had already agreed to entertain the kids while we slept once we got there

  • when we got to phoenix we realized ky had brought no shoes! luckily the cousins had just visited and left some hand-me-downs (including appropriate shoes for the wedding!) - thanks kim!

  • jojo whacked his head on the roller rink floor and now prefers ice skating which only bruises his buttocks and legs!

  • we brought home 4 children - nobody fell into the canyon!

  • 36 candles left burning too long can melt an ice-cream birthday cake!

  • hanging tons of pool noodles in a 15'x15' area gives hours of entertainment

  • there are missions outside of california

  • dave got married!!!

  • there were crazy-horrible, anti-earth-worshipping people who cut stalactites from a cave to take home as souveniers (gasp!), BUT the people who cut/covered stalagmites and laid the path for us to tour the cave on were good, hard-working people serving our nation through a wonderful government program

  • we had to do new year's at 10pm instead of our usual 9pm because we were on mountain time