Friday, May 26, 2017

On the road again... 5/27

We've kinda missed driving around!
But how much more will we miss grandma and grandpa!

We made it to middle Tennessee listening to Huck Finn's adventures. I hadn't planned it, but the kids had seen it on the shelf next to Tom Sawyer and really wanted to hear it because they so enjoyed the first book. 
We did have to talk about the language!
We caught one last bit of civil war history before leaving the south. 
Biking around this park was great. The weather was lovely, having just rained. 
Not sure about this warning. 
It was Memorial Day weekend, so there were lots of flags. The scouts had come to put them on every grave (here and in the huge cemetery down the road). 
We found ourselves on the trail of tears again. 

Found these rows of full size flags just off the highway. Not sure what they were for, but it was beautiful. 

We'll stay a bit longer for practicum 5/16-27

Somehow, this became a standard drink while we've been here. 
Rainy days call for card games
Not rainy days 
call for horseback rides!

Every summer, parents learn how to be better teachers at Classical Conversations practicums. I so enjoyed spending time fellowshipping with like minded parents in Montana last year. This year we opted to do practicum in Georgia. It's so fun to see the body of Christ encouraging each other all over the country!
Though Scott and I went to the morning sessions together, I spent my afternoons  with these lovely ladies prepping for the class I will lead in the fall. 
The kids spent time making new friends. 
It was such a blessing after a long and full day to have dinner made by the grandparents! Bonus - fresh produce from their garden. 

Mock Trial 5/15

Finally! This is what we've all been waiting for! The culmination of months of hard work!
The team after their first round win
Most CC mock trials are held in real courthouses, even sometimes the state Supreme Court! Here in California, our court rooms are always in use, so we opt for law school mock court rooms.  
So excited that we were able to pull this off. Schooling on the road is a great adventure, but this is one opportunity I didn't want any of my kids to miss out on. These were the kids in my class last year and I was so excited to watch them perform so amazingly today!
Plaintiff side - round 1. 
After a nice lunch break, it's round 2 and now, the team is on defense. 
Our judge was encouraging to the students and commended them for pulling this off as 13-year-olds.
We walked up the street toward the Orange Circle for a celebration meal. 
And as soon as it was done, we headed back to Atlanta the next day. 
We reversed our trip: car, train, bus, plane - family!
So blessed!

And 2 went to California 5/8-16

Mock Trial was held on May 15, but the entire week leading up to the event was consumed with practices, meetings, and, of course, an ortho appointment. 

Lunch with grandpa and cousin Rayshawna. 
Building a roller coaster
Celebrating someone's 10th birthday, or sometwo's
Another mock trial practice
And the final "dress rehearsal" 
A quick hike in chino hills state park
And flowers on my mom's grave
LOVING this book right now
Rubios for Mother's Day? This was actually a Mother's Day I could have gotten away with going to a nice restaurant because we'd only need a table for 2, but I just wanted to go to the beach. 
Newport fun
Half-price frappucinos means Kik can have one too. I asked what he wanted and he said, "I don't know. I've never had anything to drink at Starbucks but water. I know I like their coffee cake."
Decaf caramel was the winner. 

Some stayed with the Grandparents in Atlanta 5/8-16

They celebrated a birthday (my youngest is now in double digits!) and Mother's Day without me. ):  We had celebrated a few days earlier, but it's my first time missing a milestone. It was also my first time to be away from most of the kids for more than a night at a women's retreat!
Grandma made decorations like mommy usually does. 
Yum! Buffets are a family favorite. 
Tick = not fun!
Lego store 
More geocaching
Serving with grandma at her church 
This was a lunch for extended family raising children for whom they are guardians. 
Jo, Ky, & Sy were professionals in their pressed aprons. 
Honoring and caring for those who give so much. 

And more geocaching 
All the birthday boy really wanted to do. 
Driving all over searching for caches

Time with daddy
Laundry time