Tuesday, January 31, 2017

R.C. Sproul at Saint Andrew's Chapel

This morning we had the privilege of hearing RC Sproul teach live at his home church. 
We have listened to him on radio or podcast for years.
We were blessed to participate in the historical and classical worship that they offer.

Also on the grounds is Reformation Bible College. 
Back at home, Jo found a fun spider. 

At about 4pm, we took an 11 mile drive through the wetlands at the north end of the park we're staying at. This was further exploring the area we rode bikes into yesterday.
Lots of birds, 
but no gators today. 

Enjoying celebrating the beauty of God's creation as we close out this Lord's Day.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Magnolia Park at Lake Apopka

Our home in Central Florida...
We live in what looks and feels like a rain forest (especially when it rains!)
There are so many unique animals and we wake up to awesome bird sounds!
This raccoon was playing peekaboo from side to side around the tree with Ky. 
Sy up a tree - he's in his element. 
We took a ride on this trail by the lake. There are signs like this about every 1/10th of a mile that tell you watch out for alligators and if you call 911 tell them this number (on the sign) is your location. 
Sy spotted a nose and eyes sticking out of the water. Then a man and his son riding the other way said we had probably already missed about five or six.
This was the first full alligator we saw, so we all got off our bikes to look at it.
Pretty cool to see this bird in the tree holding a full fish in its claw. 

This one was a little too close for comfort, being just off the trail. (zoomed in below) It was probably 7 feet long.
Thankfully, it was a long uneventful ride.
We saw at least 20 different kinds of birds!

Pleasant day. It reminded us of our many treks to the Bolsa Chica wetlands back home but with such different wildlife. 



Sunday, January 29, 2017

Magic Kingdom

When we were in DC, Scott and I talked about Christmas and getting something for everyone that would add to our trip. My top two choices were bikes and Disney World. But it didn't look like we could afford either, and definitely not both! Honestly, one day, I decided to pray and lay my two big desires before the Lord and let Christmas work itself out.
I still don't know if God specifically cares whether or not my family has bikes or goes to Disney. Those both seemed like selfish requests from a family who has already been extremely blessed with this amazing opportunity to travel the country as we have. Nevertheless, we have been granted both: bikes for Christmas and Disney now. We are so grateful for and amazed at His provision!
The whole situation reminds me of my silly-high-school-girl list of what I desired in a husband. Though part of it was to be praised, part of the list seemed silly, and nevertheless the whole list is fulfilled in my dear husband (and his mother...also on the list!)
How the Lord cares for His children!
So about Disney...
Jo and Kik last did Disneyland when they we're 5 and 6 respectively with grandma. Ky was almost 1 and Sy hasn't been  ever. So for the most part this was really a brand new experience! So fun!

Classic entrance photo
Flying carpets (Sy calls them flying couches. Having not seen Aladdin, he does not realize that the couches are nothing special! They have been placed on flying carpets.)
Tiki Room

Thunder Mountain Railroad
From one of our favorite books...

Sy was dog-tired til we refilled him! :)
Atop the Astro Orbiter 
Waiting in line is nothing like when I was a kid! Always some computer game to play!
We explored EVERYHING. Shops, rides, & shows. I thought they might be too old to have that first magical experience, but all of us thoroughly enjoyed everything the park had to offer. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Leaving Georgia... hello sunny Florida

Alas, the time has come to go. ): 
All day Tuesday, we packed. 
Packing up the trailer and the car included finding a home for our new bikes. We had planned to put some in the car because we've never seen a bike rack for 6 bikes! 
Grandma sewed new sashes for all the kids to display their junior ranger badges. (There's still a bit of room for more.)
We got an early start Wednesday morning and found ice on the windshield. 

Many goodbyes were said. 
And we were off. 
By lunch time, we were enjoying 79° weather in sunny Florida!