Friday, December 15, 2023

Update on Kaden 12/15

 We are so thankful for continued excellent progress. Kaden is able to walk without limping after 3 weeks of PT. He continues to experience pain often when attempting to do normal things. He can stand for about an hour without pain. He can actively use his hands at an activity for about 20 minutes before he has pain. He usually continues his activities though pushing through the pain until he eventually must stop. So - still healing  

Something we noticed long after he got home was a back injury affecting his scapula. It wasn’t noticeable as long as he was sitting or laying around but became noticeable when he started driving again. So today we got a referral to a new orthopedic doctor for that. 

Praying for continued healing and specifically strength in his hands and leg. Also praying that the back issue can be resolved with PT. Thank you for praying with us!