Sunday, November 22, 2009

to the beach... ALONE!

i had the opportunity to enjoy the beach for 3 hours by myself. it was incredible. i took a blanket and some books i've been reading, my journal and some snacks and headed to newport beach. it was a cool day and i was wearing pants and long sleeves but i was sooo happy to go! the beach truly soothes my soul. i am amazed at how my body reacts to just hearing the waves. the ocean air is nice too, but i've been spoiled by living close enough to the ocean that we get that air in the mornings sometimes. anyhow...

i've been reading through seasons of a mother's heart and i was finishing up a chapter about times of refreshment and restoration. i was wishing i could have one of those times, when mom emailed that she had some free time to come over for a few days and give me some time to myself! i have a hard time taking these times even though i know that everyone needs them, i just don't make the time because everything else seems more important. i especially have a hard time leaving the kids and trusting that anyone on earth could possibly care for them as i do! BUT this time, i was reading about being renewed, i was feeling burnt out, and then i had an offer for childcare from the person i'm most comfortable leaving them with for extended periods! apparently, it was time for me to have some time for me!

i was able to read my Bible and read some more of the seasons book. i spent time praying and singing hymns. i had brought my hymnal along and that was a good read in itself.

(on a side note... we've been learning a new hymn each week at home and the old hymns are really like stories. i'd never noticed before that if you only sing one verse you really only get a piece of the "story" or message.)

so i was singing from my hymnal and i am also reading a book on prayer, so i looked through the last couple chapters i'd read and enjoyed a more directed prayer time.

and that was my FANTASTIC time at the beach! (where i took a photo of myself - to prove i was there!)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

apple dumplings & gang

last weekend we rented "the apple dumpling gang", an old disney movie with don knotts. none of us had ever had apple dumplings, so we made some before the start of the movie then ate while we watched once they were ready. sooo good! we used this recipe and of course kik's turned out the best! he is my little artist and even his baking turns out beautiful! (the dumplings in the recipe could easily serve 2 adults or 3 kids.) we had a blast - the kids were laughing and enjoying our treats. it was a fun night!