Saturday, December 5, 2009

all i want for christmas is my 2 front teeth!

jojo gets to sing it this year. he lost the first front tooth just before thanksgiving and the second one yesterday at Bible study. (what are they doing with those kids???)
he is also missing one of his bottom almost-front teeth, so he's looking pretty fun!

the big 70!

grandpa joe celebrated his 70th birthday with a huge sombrero! we took him to the whole enchilada for birthday dinner. the food was yummy and there was ice cream to celebrate (not the dreaded flan i thought may be coming!) hooray for celebrating 70 years of my dear dad's life! happy birthday grandpa joe!

thanksgiving 2009

grandpa, cousin shawnie & auntie tiadra came over to spend some time eating with us. we (i mean they) relaxed and watched football & throwball (american football). i spent most of the time in the kitchen - but i love the traditional thanksgiving meal! although it was just the 8 of us, we had all the yummy foods we love at thanksgiving time - turkey, mashed potatoes, candied yams, green bean casserole, corn, rolls, cranberry sauce, olives and jello! shawnie brought some pilgrim & indian decorations. we talked about the first thanksgiving and what they had to be thankful for. then what we had to be thankful for. everyone was really full so we had to wait a few hours before having pumpkin & apple pie! lastly, we painted handprints on our thanksgiving tablecloth and wrote what we're thankful for to remember for years to come. it was amazing to see just how big our kids hands have grown over the past few years and it was fun to look back on what they were thankful for. sy said he was thankful for "God" both when we went around the table at our mealtime and when we painted hands later. either he's really spiritual or... he's got the sunday school answer down already - and he's never been to sunday school! only time will tell. :)