Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wright Brothers and the Outer Banks

A new state! Though we've only hit 28 capitals, this is actually state number 32!

On our way to the right brothers, we found the home gravedigger!

We just finished listening to Carry-on Mr. Bowditch and while listening to our ranger talk today, we all found there were many similarities between the Wright brothers and Mr. Bowditch, as they were both pioneers of their time.

The memorial and replicas of the first hangars. 
The Wright brothers selected Kitty Hawk for their "experiment" because it had wind, sand (for a soft landing), and privacy - out here on an island that was inaccessible. (The bridge we took to get here today was not here yet.)

Our next stop was just 30 minutes down the road, Cape Hatteras National Seashore.
We knew the lighthouse was closed for the season, but we were extremely disappointed when we found out it had a first order Fresnel lens! If it had been a smaller lens, it wouldn't have been disappointing. But, I'm sure we'll find another somewhere along the road. (:

The live pictures of the lighthouse at night were awesome because it lit up the whole sky, which was otherwise pitch black, and we could see all the clouds moving by.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


In 1607, the first permanent English settlement was started at Jamestown.
This site is a joint venture of the National Park Service and Preservation Virginia. So we had to pay $5ea for Scott and I to get in. After paying, as we walked away, Sy says, "This place is stinkin' expensive!" Oh, what a shock my children are in for when they find out that most families don't do vacations where they have a budget of zero dollars for activities! (Other than the Statue of Liberty, the last time we paid to enter or do an activity was almost 2 months ago when we paid $8 total to get inside a lighthouse in Maine. Everything we do is free!)

John Rolfe, our living history presenter, giving us a super fun 30 minute (a.k.a. 70 minute!) presentation. It was such a great way to learn about the colony.

Hi to Pocohontas (:
Active archaeological dig and museum of the findings.

And the grand finale… A FREE ferry ride with the RV! We had planned to do this while it was still light, but alas, we spent too much time learning about Jamestown. Nevertheless, in the dark, the ferry was still exciting. 

Monday, November 28, 2016


Another surrender. The story here was familiar because it was similar to the story at Appomattox Courthouse. Here, instead of a surrender to end the Civil War, this surrender helped end the Revolutionary War.

And again, the writing of terms for the surrender occurred in a family home.

And the surrender of arms takes place on at Surrender Field. 

The British were sad. The Americans were happy. A new republic was now free to be.


The birthplace of our country.
Anytime we find a Christian camp on our RV apps, we go - because it reminds both Scott and I of many great memories growing up.
On a Monday in November, the streets of colonial Williamsburg are pretty empty.

Learning about colonial government on the courthouse steps.
And about punishment
And about games
The kids favorite part of colonial Williamsburg was playing games at the marketplace. 

What a crew: Davy Crockett, Little Britches, and young Jane Jefferson.
Kik liked the sign at the restaurant.